About Me

My name is Elisa. I am a 20 something just trying to figure it all out! I am trying to find a new confidence in my abilities and my self that I have never had before!

I am a mother to 3 little ones! Jayden my oldest who is like my twin not only in maybe the looks  but his personality traits resemble me to a T! LITERALLY! Jazzy is the spitting image of me but every bit her amazing OUTGOING father who has so much life I aspire to be that way one day! Now my baby James is seriously everyone mixed together hes loud, lovable, mischievous but super sweet hes a little bit of everything!

I am ENGAGED to an amazing loving kind man who literally has put up with my emotional issues that I am sorry are in everyway TERRIBLE! He always finds a way to LOVE me! Its really been amazing 8 YEARS! going on 9 years but we will be MARRIED on our 10th YEAR! lol

I have been teaching for about 2 1/2 years going on my third year this year! I have taught first grade and kinder but I would have to say out of the two my favorite by far is KINDER but sadly this next school year I will be in FIRST but am truly excied

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