Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Sunday Scoop - Being Productive.. (Hopefully)

Today on the blog I am participating in Teaching Trio's The Sunday Scoop!!
This week is all about being productive.
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- The things I HAVE to do  - 

1. I started creating a new planner for school this year. Its coming slowly.. my kids seem to find everywhich way to distract me when I decide to sit at my desk.

2. I have been working on this book since school let out and my ambition to read it has haltered.. I want to read PAPER TOWNS.. before the movie comes out. That is my fave thing to do READ awesome books before the movie comes out.. Ill have to show you all my digital library its crazy :)

3.  This last one is on my list constantly.. I wish my house could magically stay clean FOREVER. It would make it so much easier on me. 

- Things I hope to do -

1. I am loving big brother right now :) Team LIZ & JULIA.. i love them ..
2. I need to start meal prepping.. Like pre make my breakfast is the best to do but I love getting up and cooking my breakfast

- Something I would be Happy to do - 

 SLEEP 8 HOURS. sleep is completely non existent to me. I want to achieve it but I am always scared I am going to miss something If I sleep to long or too much. :)

Thats all over here today.. I hope soon I will be posting more teacher things as I am getting ready


  1. I hear you on the reading and meal prep!!!! I wanted to read Paper Towns as well, but that has not happened yet! I also had BIG plans of meal prepping this summer - again that has not happened either. I hope your week is a great one!


  2. Okay- you rock on the meal prep! I dread it! I so need to get better about it before school starts. And the fact that you're working on your planner layout too....AMAZE!!! You are going to rock this year at your new school- I'm sure the kinder teachers will love you! :)

    Yee-Haw in Kindergarten