Thursday, July 16, 2015

Celebration of Teaching - You are my tribe - A post inspired by Mr.Greg

I just recently read Mr.Greg's post about us as teachers being apart of the COOL CLUB.. I have been avoiding the topic of this story deep in my heart because ever since I started teaching it has been hard.

I have opened up a lot since I started but being a very shy and scared to express herself person.. especially because judgment really scares me. I read this and felt like hes rights we are all amazing in our own ways.

That is why you will see me at meetings and I will just be the girl sitting and observing and listening because I am afraid to open my mouth and tell my opinion. I am new and I don't have a lot of years under my belt so I have this mental thing with myself that I am not ready to speak. NOT yet.. but I am.

This post is going to be very similiar in the message of Mr.Greg but very personal for me.. :(

My tribe.

My tribe consisted of two amazing teacher woman. They really helped me become a very vocal teacher when it came to my opinion/my views. They helped me drive my thoughts into action and helped me grow as a teacher.

But the very sad thing is... We are going are separate ways..
I won't have my backbones anymore..
This is the truth in what led me to start this blog. It is was really drove me to do this to find my tribe that will only be a email away. People that I can relate to when I'm scared to express myself to my kinder team.

This year terrifies me so much because I am going from their only being 3 of us total to their being 6 of us all together. I am not sure how to communicate with out coming of stand offish..

Today is the first day I have talked about my summer depression. This is what has been driving me to sit around and not focus because I don't want to believe it really is happening. That I am going to start off a new school your without my amazing friends.

I want to thank Mr.Greg for his post because it really hit me really hard in the heart. I thank him. Now I can work on my self love as a teacher and stop feeling left out. I need to just be apart of it. Instead of just observing.

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