Thursday, July 23, 2015

All about this Kinder Teacher!

Today I am joining in on this fun Kinder Tribe linky :)

Here is a little about me :)

I have only been teaching kinder for 1 year. This coming year will be number 2.

I love my phone. Its literally on me all day (such a horrible habit)
Tv shows. I can't live with out them. I HAVE LIKE A LIST AND WATCH maybe two shows a night.. HULU them and watch them online. 

Papermate Ink Joy pens.. they are wonderfulness in my hands and on paper.

Pete the Cat is my dude. He is the theme for my room.
I am so excited to incorporate his books into my class more.

MY all time favorite Kinder Blogger has to be MR.Greg he has inspired me to be fun and take Kindergarten one day at a time.
The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

My thing I love about Kindergarten... is the growth the kiddos make. They amazed me this first year and it was truly amazing. They are so eager to learn. Very willing to try try again. 

That's  A little about this Kindergarten Teacher.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Sunday Scoop - Being Productive.. (Hopefully)

Today on the blog I am participating in Teaching Trio's The Sunday Scoop!!
This week is all about being productive.
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Teaching Trio

- The things I HAVE to do  - 

1. I started creating a new planner for school this year. Its coming slowly.. my kids seem to find everywhich way to distract me when I decide to sit at my desk.

2. I have been working on this book since school let out and my ambition to read it has haltered.. I want to read PAPER TOWNS.. before the movie comes out. That is my fave thing to do READ awesome books before the movie comes out.. Ill have to show you all my digital library its crazy :)

3.  This last one is on my list constantly.. I wish my house could magically stay clean FOREVER. It would make it so much easier on me. 

- Things I hope to do -

1. I am loving big brother right now :) Team LIZ & JULIA.. i love them ..
2. I need to start meal prepping.. Like pre make my breakfast is the best to do but I love getting up and cooking my breakfast

- Something I would be Happy to do - 

 SLEEP 8 HOURS. sleep is completely non existent to me. I want to achieve it but I am always scared I am going to miss something If I sleep to long or too much. :)

Thats all over here today.. I hope soon I will be posting more teacher things as I am getting ready

Friday, July 17, 2015

Five for Friday - Date night :)

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We had two date nights this week because the two older kiddos went to their grandmas and nana's house :)

The first night we went to Sushi and it was just the two of us.. I had a picture of my favorite sushi.. but I can't find it. Its called JAPANESE LASAGNA.. if you have never tried it.. TRY IT! its is soooooo good.

The second night we went to outback but we had little guy.. :)

Jayden had his first basketball game.. He was so lost. He even cried :(.. But he pulled through.. Hes alot like his mama.. We get stressed and sometimes cry when we are overwhelmed. He made a point though.. :) by accidentally stealing it from a teammate.. 

My weight. I am ashamed to say that I am getting way to high up their. Its time to take control.I need to follow through. That is my problem.

OMG baby james is 5 months and a few days but OMG. He is growing so fast he will be six months before I go back to school .

We have been practicing are school knowledge these last few days to make sure we remember it all before we make our way to first grade. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Celebration of Teaching - You are my tribe - A post inspired by Mr.Greg

I just recently read Mr.Greg's post about us as teachers being apart of the COOL CLUB.. I have been avoiding the topic of this story deep in my heart because ever since I started teaching it has been hard.

I have opened up a lot since I started but being a very shy and scared to express herself person.. especially because judgment really scares me. I read this and felt like hes rights we are all amazing in our own ways.

That is why you will see me at meetings and I will just be the girl sitting and observing and listening because I am afraid to open my mouth and tell my opinion. I am new and I don't have a lot of years under my belt so I have this mental thing with myself that I am not ready to speak. NOT yet.. but I am.

This post is going to be very similiar in the message of Mr.Greg but very personal for me.. :(

My tribe.

My tribe consisted of two amazing teacher woman. They really helped me become a very vocal teacher when it came to my opinion/my views. They helped me drive my thoughts into action and helped me grow as a teacher.

But the very sad thing is... We are going are separate ways..
I won't have my backbones anymore..
This is the truth in what led me to start this blog. It is was really drove me to do this to find my tribe that will only be a email away. People that I can relate to when I'm scared to express myself to my kinder team.

This year terrifies me so much because I am going from their only being 3 of us total to their being 6 of us all together. I am not sure how to communicate with out coming of stand offish..

Today is the first day I have talked about my summer depression. This is what has been driving me to sit around and not focus because I don't want to believe it really is happening. That I am going to start off a new school your without my amazing friends.

I want to thank Mr.Greg for his post because it really hit me really hard in the heart. I thank him. Now I can work on my self love as a teacher and stop feeling left out. I need to just be apart of it. Instead of just observing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - :)

Joining in on the fun for WORDLESS wednesday. I love HUMP DAY..
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Do you plan your meals out??

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Sunday Scoop

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Teaching Trio

Here is my SUNDAY scoop


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Teaching with intention - Chapter 2 [Book Study]

This chapter realllllly made me think. WHAT ARE MY INTENTION AS A TEACHER? What do i believe in teaching? Why am I here? WHYYYYY???

To be honest.. I have no clue <---that is what i thought as a read the content in this chapter so I went back and re read the chapter again. Honestly at that point I wish I would have kept my paper on my philosophy. I purged all of that a couple years ago. That was LONG gone. 

Here is what I believe - 

Students don't come to school to be bossed around. They come to be taught new things and to be able to apply new learning throughout the school year with guided practice as well as very much individually until they are capable of doing this independently.

I love noise. I believe students should be able to talk collaboratively with other students during in time for group learning.

I feel that the classroom should be student driven with anchor charts and student work all around the room. This is their classroom and I want them to be proud to say it.

I completely 100% believe learning needs to be fun and hands on to accommodate all types of learners.

Now to see if these reflect on the practices I use in my classroom. I somewhat believe so. Some of these beliefs really just occurred to me. I never really thought about my teaching beliefs until now. 


Friday, July 10, 2015

Teaching with Intention - Chapter 1 [Book Study]

I am super late to the party but It took me a while to find the time to read this. I am LOVING IT. It is the exact book I truly needed to read before this new school year. I am very nervous for this year. I am only a 2nd year teacher. I am ready for more consistency and fluidity. It is just hard because I have never had to balance work and family before it definitely has become a challenge.

Lets get started.

I am still very new to teaching. My ideal classroom would be comfortable and inviting to the children. I want them to know that our classroom is a place where they can come and be safe with no worries. I want it to look like a kindergarten classroom full of life and fun on the walls with literacy enrichment everywhere they turn.

I love subtle color schemes .. I LOVE to decorate for my own piece of mind and the kids enjoy it as well. I also encourage anchor charts all OVER the room. I want to incorporate that A LOT more this school year. I was lucky enough to take a look at a fellow Kinder teachers room and she had a lot of charts up that her and the students made as a group.

My ultimate goal is to make independent little learners. I don't like to micromanage students all day long. Even the ones with very extreme behaviors you want them to take control and responsibility of their learning with a teacher intervening here and their to provide that assessment aspect of the learning process. To make sure our students are getting it.
I want to be able to have kids in a collaborative group where they communicate their thought processes but that is very hard for a 5 or 6 year old to do that. 

Like I have said numerous times before I am only a 2nd year teacher I believe I have a whole lot to work on. The main things I want to focus on is : Time management including transitions I feel like I waste A LOT of in between time.  I want to incorporate learning into my transitions. I am not sure how that will run. I get lost in a lot of things because I don't always have it written down and that's the only way I remember to do the things I intended to do. Debbie Millers thoughts about keeping a notebook is a good one.. Have an idea of my basis then after im done reflect on what I just did and my intentions were they followed through.

Another major aspect I would like to work on is to incorporate more collaborative learning and stay away from worksheets. I want to incorporate in a way I only have one or two for each subject and that is it. It is hard when those are the best go to's 

The loving and caring atmosphere is what I believe I have established in my room this last year the kids were always genuinely happy to be at school to interact with one another and to never be hesitant to explain to me their thinking.

Independent learning occurs through out majority of the day and it is something that I have pushed and pushed this whole year to treat my kinders like little adults and explain and teach them that they are capable of following directions and doing it with minimal help.

That was chapter 1..  -

Chapter 2 really resonated with me so don't forget to come back and check it out :)

Five for Friday - Summer is going....

Its been a little while since I have done a 5 for friday.. I am back and trying to make myself be more productive throughout the day. 

Press the button and join the fun!

Basketball practice!!
Jayden started basketball on Tuesday and it was interesting. He has always played ball but never seriously. It is all new to him. We also found out yesterday his jerseys are GREEEN.. lol we bought him green BASKETBALL shoes!! AND WE R BOSTON CELTICS FANS yay!!!

School Prepping!!!
I am trying to get started really early. Because last year was just horrible being unprepared and this year I am just wanting to be ready for the main things and let all the other stuff fall into place.

Yard work..
We live in a rental right now. In our backyard it is just straight dirt EVERYWHERE. It being a rental I don't want to invest to much money out their. We PULLED all the big weeds and are now going to buy a tarp to put over half of the dirt to get the kids a small pool .. Hopefully it happens soon ITS SUPER HOTT HERE IN VEGAS.

Big Brother!
Who is a big brother fan???????
I am .. well sort of.. im know where near a super fan but I am a fan..  This season so far is pretty darn good.
My fave players right now are Liz&Juilia (the twins), and Vanessa.. I love their sly game play. They are trying to stay low but they are not ass hats half the time either..
I am not about MAMA DAY.. shes ANNOYING..
AUDREY is just a lying son of a gun. (but she just honestly PLAYED way to hard she didn't ease into it)

I am a tv fanatic.. I always have been..
It just got worse when I was a stay at home mom..
The shows im loving right now.. that are not reality tv..
Rookie Blue, Stitchers, PLL, The Fosters
Those are my mains right now.

Thats about as exciting as taking the trash out. OVER HERE. Summer is flying by and I have done nothing..
Im thinking of going camping.. but I am really not to sure..