Friday, April 10, 2015

Five for Friday!!! - my goodness im back at work :)

Its that time of the week and I am linking up with Doodlebugs teaching. Thank good ness it is FRIDAY. This week was way to long and toooooo busy! I could barely eat or sleep...

I have been #givingit100 I am on like day 5 or 6.. My goal is to get 10000 steps a day and eat under 1800 cals. The 1800 cals seems to be the most difficult of the challenge and I am not going to lie but I have gone over quit a bit but my steps I have been maintaining.

I am back at work!!! Yes and it was easier then I thought it would be. I was overwhelmed by hearing about all the changes they had implemted in our kindergarten area. 
This was a peek at our week!

We did abc puzzles at our abc station :) - These are from Kindergarten Smorgasboard -- In one of the Fox packs -

We were having a letter race!

Learning time for the kiddos! Jayden was trying out a new sight word station I had.

Easter Sunday!

This week has been so chaotic that I have no number 5. I barely could do what you see here :)
The love is working two jobs and having three tiny kiddos its been hard!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Currently in April :)

April is here and .. yes I am due back to work on Monday. I have been off for 8 weeks and I am going to miss it. Don't get me wrong I love my kinder friends but I am going to miss my little babies at home..

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Listening to - to Disney junior is a daily thing for me because my lovely daughter is obsessed with anything on this show.

Loving --- spring break/maternity leave to me was so short lived it could of lasted longer but it did its purpose :) I have taken a long break and I feel refreshed and good :)

Thinking -- this is the first time for me that I will be away from my babies. In the sense of my newborn.. Both my older children I didn't leave them til they were over 2 years old.

Wanting -- yes I am doing so awesome with my meal planning I lost 5 lbs last week but thats only half of the 10 I gained after I had my son.

Needing -- sleeping. Oh how it is so hard for me to decide when to sleep even though I know deep down i should sleep at least 8 hours.

My name -- Kinder friends is what we call the students at school.... and kindergarten is the place I want to be..

Other then that I am really just trying to enjoy this last day before I go to school and I am very sad already that I have to leave my little one.