Saturday, March 28, 2015

Five For Friday!- meal plan!

Meal planning - this was my first week trying to be on a schedule... 

My goal was to have a easier week and that I did. With everything being prepped I just had to grab warm and eat.. It definitly was a time saver.
Getting Read to return to work!
Oh!! work you are hear way to fast.! prepping myself for change in the routine I used to remember.

Baby haul !!
Its getting really hot here in VEGAS so I deemed it time to get baby some new clothes for the season :)

I love doing jazzys hair. This is my little but head I do love her so..

My week was very boring.. it was me and the kiddos all week.. Older brother only went to school two days this week because of a small stomach flu :(.. Daddy was so busy with pools. Me I watched lots of tv :)

Happy birthday to my little Brother DJ!! He turned 16..
My little sister is next and she will be 21!!! AHHHHH

Until next time!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Toddler Hair! The ins and the Outs

When my daughter turn about 2 1/2 her hair was long enough for me to mess with but not only that she also became very enthusiastic about mommy doing her hair. I wanted to share this post and I will continue sharing the dues I tried and what worked for her hair and what really just didnt work at all. Like last night I tried this really cool braid that works into a ponytail and well her hair was not long enough or thick enough to hold it together.

I will also show my methods of keeping her growing bangs out of her face! Most of her 2 year old days she had bangs and we are in the process of growing her hair out it sure is a long process with a little one!

Where did I learn these fun hair do's?? It all started over at youtube. There is a channel that specifically deals with hair called
Cute Girl Hairstyles <---- check them out!

Lets get started!
This is what I have to work with 

As you can see her hair is long and healthy but do you see those annoying bangs! They drive me crazy because shes such an active little girl I find that nothing stays good in her hair because is still thin but oh is it coarse like her mamas.

1. The two french braids. I love this style its traditional but I actually taught myself to do this :) And it keeps her hair from getting super tangly because of the texture of her hair it happens all the time.

2. The Katniss style! I got this idea over from cute girl hairstyle they have a youtube to tutorial on how to acheive this look without the extra braid. I incorporated that because I had that piece of hair attached to her growing braids.

3. The pigtails! These are two dutch braids not finished :) I just let the rest of her free flow in pig tails

3. This is just a hairstyle to keep them bangs out of her face so she can see!

4. The sporty bun! 

My next hair style to try is this one I just saw from Cute Girl Hairstyles!!!
I swear I just saw Jlo where this look on American Idol this week! I will post pictures once I have tried it!!! :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Five for Friday! - My uneventful Daily living (Before I go back to work)

I am going to do my first link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!!

My posts are lacking teaching aspects of things do to the fact that my but is on maternity leave and I am just not in the mood to think about tea

Well first things first I am completely obsessed with Kindergarten Smorgasboard - Mr.Greg he has just opened my eyes to the fun things that teaching Kindergarten can really be capable of. I just started incorporating Morning meetings before I left on leave and the most recent one he has on his blog I can't wait to try with my kiddos. I only have two weeks left and I will be their.
The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

I have entered into the life of healthy eating once again! I need a lifestyle change and being at the high 200's isn't satifying my growing active family.

Meal planning is the only thing helping me get through it. The only downside is eating the same thing over and over again but if it helps me stay on track I need to keep it going.

My current obsession since I have the time is BINGE TV watching. I find myself catching up on all the seasons I wanted to watch of certain shows but didn't have the time so I said it would be on NETFLIX. 

When I am working I have a schedule of the shows I will watch during the week. Most of the shows I started watching before I became a working mom.. So I have grown a bond with them.
These are the shows I watched: 
The 100!
Amazing concept for a show.! The ending of Season 2 hit my heart!! Now of course I am sad because I have to weight til next season.

This show was definitly different it focused on teenagers ruling the countrys.. I loved it until it got to  the middle of season 1 when I became a tad disintrested.. but the final episode got me going.. now I need to watch this seasons new episodes.
Pretty Little Liars!
I finally caught up on this. Switched at birth beat this one in the rankings for my time.. but I love the twists hopefully we find out ... WHO IS A?

But on a side note who watched the end of Meredith and Derrick flash before you eyes on Greys Anatomy??????? it killed me they were my soul. 

My baby boy - Some highlights he is officially a 6 weeks old!
He weighs about 11lbs 23inchs long :)
He smiles so much!
He has beautiful eyes that matches his sisters!
His siblings literally can't get enough of him!

Planning for the future - I have used most of my maternity wisely I am preparing myself for next school year. I know this one is quite over yet but I was horribly unorganized this year. I found out I was pregnant in June of last year and it through me for a loop.. and I didn't get anything I wanted to get done.

My first project is to make my very own EASEL. The one I have I inherited from a fellow teacher and its falling apart. I want to start fresh. Luckily I found this amazing Tutorial over at 

The Owl Teacher!! 

My second to do is to get spa steps! There is a wonderful teacher in the at my school site who bought spa steps to help students be able to really acess the smart board. I need one! My kinders can barely reach anything leaving the smartboard rarely ever used.

My third to do is to invest in getting a new printer. I am determined next year to print all my stuff in color ink. I think I might have found I have the printer saved in my amazon account because I stumbled upon a post by a fellow teacher who recommends it :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The days are going to fast.

OMG! Keeping up with blogging has become super hard with my lack of sleep but today I have turned over a new leaf because it is official I only have 17 more days until I am going to return back
from work my maternity leave. I feel I like that is enough time to establish some type of routine.

<------ Over here thats me! Yeah me! Duck face and all.. I grew up during the invention of duck faceee. I am only 25 lol. My goals for me is to :
  • wear limited make up
  • eat healthy
  • meal prep
  • stay on it
What have I been doing today!? 

  • I meal prepped - made my tuna, cut up bell peppers and cheese, and prepared a protein shake
  • Deep cleaned my bathrooms 
  • Cleaned my sheets
  • Fed the babies
  • Cleaned my kitchen
  • Vacuumed
  • Did two loads of laundry :)
That list makes me feel so accomplished :) 

My next goals are too get ready for school. I am in the process of making fluency binders for sight words because with my own kindergartener I have found that sight words are the most fluential thing that really helps students have success in reading. 

It will probably be my first official piece of work in my TPT store!!! WOOT WOOT!! I am also working on a Letter A pack for my daughter who is really ready to learn them ABC's. 

Thats why I have been buying books I need to hit the thrift store here soon because they have a deal going on if you bring in 20lbs of donations you will get a big bag to fill and only pay 20 dollars for it :) I need more books for my library at school. 

Check out these awesome books I grabbed yesterday! I already started reading them to my daughter but I intial bought these because I want my son to read more books like this since he is doing so well with his knowledge of his sight words I felt like it was time for him to progress into more then just decodables that he does at school pluse it gets me away from the kinder stuff that I do on a daily becasue me and my colleagues teach the same exact thing just in different ways..

This is us!!!

Well until next time :)