Sunday, February 1, 2015

Entering the World of Blogging once again!

Hi Friends,

My name is Elisa. I am a second year teacher who just started teaching Kindergarten for the first time this year. Believe me this year was not with its challenges on top of the fact its not even over just yet. With this new blog that I have decided to start I want to just be a helpful person and show that being a teacher has its trials and errors and with the right support and team you can really make it through.

This year I was able to have the best Kinder team by my side. We mesh really well and we LAUGH. We do this all the time. Are school is not a ginormous one and its small are staff isn't huge but we are a Title I school with a full day kindergarten program.

Lets go back to the beginning, at the end of the year last year my old principal moved my room from first grade to Kinder. I was excited and scared about the change because I have some knowledge here in first to know what students in kinder need to achieve. Little did I know many of our Kinder friends have never been in a formal school setting which led to some real tough situations. During the summer I had the opportunity to go to IteachK and learn some valuable lessons there. We also for are school endured a big change for much of the staff. Our principal retired mid summer and there was no word on who would be our new administration until about 3 weeks before school started.

It led a lot of conflicting feelings to the point where I decided not to prepare much for Kinder because I was not sure how the new administration would want us to teach let alone if I would still be in Kinder. I was also facing my own challenges because I found out late June that I would be expecting baby #3. Yes three.

Luckily I happened to know the new administration I actually student taught at the school she was a lit specialist which made the transition slightly easier. Kinder came with its own challenges. I can't say specifics but lets just say 1 student changed a lot of dynamics of my classroom I was no where near ready for and it took me 2 and half months to really find a could solid ground with the student until it started running more smoothly in my classroom.

Any way before I get away from myself. The reason I started this blog is for you to all follow my journey through being a full time mother of 3, a full time teacher, and soon to be student. I am planning on working on my masters in Elem Ed hopefully this fall. I want to help teachers all over and show Nevada is not a bad place to be a teacher. Yes I live in Las Vegas, Nevada where education is no where near where it should be. We have come with a lot of changes this school year including teaching materials, literacy frame work, NEPF our new observation standards for teachers. I will show you the pieces that help me soon also become board certified teacher one day.

I will leave this here and get back to my lesson planning that I am really procrasinating to finish. :)

Ms. C